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Exploring the importance of building strong customer relationships
(PC TECHNOLOGY CENTER, 2024) Seturi, Maia
The object of the research is the role of creating customer satisfaction in retaining them and establishing long-term relationships with customers. Establishing market relations is accompanied by many challenges. Among them is increasing the competitiveness of companies to gain more success in the market. Without it, local business development is impossible. In this case, companies are greatly helped by realizing the role and importance of relationship marketing and using its approaches in practical activities. This has become one of the most relevant topics. Marketing is important for organizations to continue operating in business. Earnings are necessary to ensure the processes of production of goods. In the company, it is mainly marketing that is of decisive importance in generating revenues. It is important to know the key determinants that influence customer acquisition and subsequent retention. The work aimed to find out and determine the importance and role of creating customer satisfaction in retaining them and establishing long-term relationships with customers. Various indicators are used to determine this. There are different views and opinions regarding the named issues. In this study we used secondary data from the websites of various organizations and companies. Taking into account the results of this work, companies will be able to make a critical analysis of their work with customers in the market, identify their weaknesses in this regard, and then take real steps to improve the situation. The paper discusses some approaches to the calculation of customer satisfaction indices, some different views and approaches expressed in this direction. Based on various reliable information sources, we created a clear picture of the current situation in Georgia in the mentioned direction. It was found that companies use only accumulation of points systems. In this article, the author discusses the conceptual aspects of relationship marketing, the opinions of various scientists and specialists are analyzed in this direction. The article presents a number of conclusions and recommendations of the author in the direction of increasing the effectiveness of the use of relationship marketing.
კავკასიაში მოგზაური უცხოელები რუსეთის მეცნიერებათა აკადემიის სამსახურში
(არტანუჯი / Artanuji, 2024) კანდელაკი, დალი / Kandelaki, Dali
From 1725, the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences was also involved in the process of exploring the Russian Empire. The government of the empire tried in every possible way to collect various materials about the country. TheCaucasus was also included in the research area. It is important to study the identity of the members of the expedition sent by the Academy of Sciences to the Caucasus in the second part of the 18th century and the first decade of the 19th century, the real tasks given to them and the results of their research. It should be noted that the members of the scientific expedition were mostly scientists of German origin. Some of them were born in Russia, others were invited. In 1768 a young scientist, 23-year-old Johann Anton Güldenstädt was invited to the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences to participate in an expedition planned by the Academy to various regions of Russia, including the North Caucasus and Georgia. Due to the collected invaluable material, Güldenstedt is even considered the founder of Caucasian Studies. Along with scientists, people of various professions were necessary for these expeditions, namely artists, translators, escorts and others. A young, 22-year-old German artist, Heinrich Theodor Wehle, took part in one of the expeditions. His paintings with the views of Georgia and landscapes of Tbilisi are exhibited in German museums. His notes about the trip to the Caucasus have not yet been traced, but based on his paintings and Musin-Pushkin’s notes, many scholars have tried to reconstruct the path that the German artist took during his travels. The Academy sent the German linguist-orientalist Heinrich Julius von Klaproth to the Caucasus in 1807 to conduct philological, ethnographic and historical research. He was tasked to critically examine and supplement the works of his predecessor scholar experts on the Caucasus. Klaproth’s journey to the Caucasus was reflected in several books. It can be claimed that after Güldenstädt, Klaproth ranks first among the learned travellers with his knowledge and abundance of information. It should be noted that all expeditions, regardless of their composition, had clear military-strategic goals. The information gathered by the members of the expedition was reflected in their papers and reports.
Ways of improving the management of the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) automated system in electric power
(IJDR, 2023) Seturidze, Rusudan; Narmania, Davit; Maghradze, Murtaz; Davitaia, Shorena; Machitidze, Mikheil
The purpose of the scientific paper is to analyze the issues of improving the management of the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) automated system in electric power, which includes a comparative analysis of the development stages of the SCADA system, the use of cloud technologies, the introduction of modern digital applications that serve for real-time recording, control, monitoring of energy objects and others. It ensures significant development of the field of electric energy. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) automated system improvement methods in electric power within the framework of the research project, the issues of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) automated system (SCADA) management improvement issues were analyzed and research questions were developed. 101 respondents were interviewed. The data was collected electronically, through an online survey of employees working in different structural units of the Georgian state electro system, who were users of the SCADA system. The survey will study the issues of improving the management of the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) automated system in electric power, which ensures the reduction of the number of technological accidents, the sustainability of the sector, the improvement of the quality of management and the speed of work in electric power. If the recommendations obtained as a result of the research are implemented, the energy system will become more stable and efficient. The mentioned study will be useful for the electric power companies of different countries where SCADA system is introduced or implemented. The article was written within the framework of the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University research project "Ways to improve the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) automated system in electric power". A comparative analysis of the development stages of the SCADA system in terms of each component of the system is discussed in the scientific paper. The implementation of the research results will affect the development of the professionalism of SCADA users, as well as provide simplification, speed and high quality of the work of the management link of the personnel. Accordingly, this will contribute to the improvement of the field of electric energy.
Major challenges in Georgia's energy sector management
(Kyiv, КНЕУ, 2020) Davitaia, Shorena
The inevitability of compatibility with global energy infrastructure, introduction of the cutting edge digital technologies and many other innovative steps have required the transition of energy sector development in Georgia to a new stage and stake it in the face of many challenges.
Optimize and improve information flow in the organization (Example of “Georgian State Elektrosystem” jsc)
(Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press, 2016) Machitidze, Mikheil; Davitaia, Shorena
I consider the aims and plans of the approach of the GSE are chosen the right way. For the Future it’s possible some practical recommendations to be taken into considering which will decrease time and to reduce the vulnerabilities of data transfer and will make it more flexible and promote the development of company: • Frequent meetings of senior and line managers, as well as a regular meetings with stuff; • Creation of single electronic archive; • Meetings with managers of regional offices via videoconferencing. Communication process must be assessed in advance as a potential problem, for which it must be made an action plan and recourses to solve/absorb the problem, which will guarantee business continuity of the organization. At present Communication process is a priority to any organization, as increased competition on the World market in Economical Globalization terms causes appropriation of the informational actives.