Copper ions adsorption from aqueous solution using perlite

There were explored adsorption properties of natural mineral of Georgia– perlite in the treatment process of aqueoussolution of copper. There was studied the dependence of Cu (II) adsorption degree from adsorbent dosage, contact time and solution pH on both initial (not-expanded) and foamed (expanded) perlite. Under optimum conditions (pH = 1.9, contact time 1 h and adsorbent amount 5 g) adsorption capacity and adsorptiondegree of copper were equal to 11,2mg/g and 94%. It is showed that foamed perlite manifests perfect adsorption properties for copper removal from aqueous solution and it can be recommended as a potential adsorbent in the mentioned process.
foamed perlite, copper, adsorption, adsorption degree.