Factors that influence tobacco use in Georgian youth

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Malta Medical Journal
Objective: Social environment, especially education, levels of awareness, friends and parental behavior greatly affects the use of tobacco among teenagers. The research aims to identify various factors that promote tobacco use in youth. Method: Qualitative and analytic cross-sectional descriptive research method was carried in among students from Tbilisi State University. Results: Most respondents have started tobacco consumption at juvenile age. The community played a decisive role in starting tobacco use. Respondents started using tobacco with their classmates and close friends. The survey has shown that tobacco consumption was perceived as a positive social behavior among teenagers. Introducing the tobacco control laws that prohibit tobacco consumption and advertising in public places, particularly near schools are of paramount importance. Conclusion: Interventions that focus particularly on multiple risk factors may have an impact on the use of tobacco by adolescents. Where possible, such programs should be personalized to ensure that they address the specific set of risk factors that has a bearing on each individual's tobacco use.
tobacco consumption, behavior, social environment
Tengiz Verulava, Davit Nemsadze, Revaz Jorbenadze, Beka Dangadze. Factors that influence tobacco use in Georgian youth. Malta Medical Journal, 2020; 32 (2): 49-58