Context and issues of social health insurance introduction in Georgia

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Archives of the Balkan Medical Union
The social health insurance system, unlike general tax financing system is more focused on market mechanisms. Despite the achievements, the introduction of social health insurance in Georgia turned out to be way too difficult. Due to ongoing economic crises, the state failed to finance its promised commitments, resulting in a chronic shortage of funding for health care system. The new government abandoned the idea of building a social insurance system and switched to a general tax financing model, where the state takes a dominant lead, and the healthcare is financed from state budget. Given that the social insurance system is the best way of mobilizing additional funds and therefore providing sustainable funding for health sector, it is advisable to promote social insurance development. The healthcare sector needs consistent, continued and successive reforms. Despite the change of governments, the strategic course should not change drastically in the long run and the achievement should not be denied due to the political climate change.
Social health insurance, healthcare reforms, General Tax-financed healthcare model
1. Verulava T, Jorbenadze A. Context and issues of social health insurance introduction in Georgia. Arch Balk Med Union. 2021;56(3):349-357.