Introduction of Mandatory Vehicle Inspection and its impact on Health: Case of Georgia

To fight atmospheric air pollution, the Georgian government has implemented a law about vehicle inspection. The aim of this survey is to determine under which conditions are owners of technically faulty vehicles ready to give up using technically faulty cars. Within the qualitative study the in-depth interviews were conducted. Taxi drivers think that this law is harmful to them though they appreciate the efficacy of vehicle inspections. Controls should be placed on the quality of fuel as part of the development of public transport while increasing awareness about the harmful effects of atmospheric air pollution.
Ambient air pollution, vehicle inspection, environmental health, health, air pollution
Ana Lordkipanidze, Nana Bigvava & Tengiz Verulava (2019) Introduction of Mandatory Vehicle Inspection and Its Impact on Health: Case of Georgia, Environmental Claims Journal, 31:4, 304-310, DOI: 10.1080/10406026.2019.1611043