Purification of waters polluted with heavy Metals using adsorption

Adsorption ability of adsorbents prepared on the basis of Georgian natural zeolites (clinoptilolite, mordenite) and mineral brucite in the process of purification from the heavy metals of modeled (simulated) solution similar to the acidic quarry water of Bolnisi MCM (Bolnisi Mining-Enrichment Combine, Georgia) and Kazretula River water is studied. Dependence of degree of adsorbents’ adsorption on the composition of adsorbent, mutual ratio, mechanoactivation and experiment duration was studied. It was shown that in the mentioned process, adsorbent brucite:mordenite at the ratio of 1:1 is the best adsorbent taking into account practical and economic factors. This adsorbent purified a water of Kazretula River by 100 %, while modeled solution similar to the acidic quarry water were purified from copper by 93% and from iron by 87%.
adsorbent, clinoptilolite, mordenite, brucite, heavy metals, ecology.