Anticipated Impact of the Construction of Anaklia Port on the Adjacent Coastal Landscapes

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Institute of Geography, Tbilisi State University
The future development of the marine transport system of Georgia, the necessity of which is undoubted, largely depends on the harboring potential of the Kolkheti seacoast. Among them should be noted the district in front of the River Enguri estuary, which has the most favorable natural conditions for port construction due to the great depths of the Enguri submarine canyon, and it is one of the best in the whole coast for projecting of the future port (Anaklia) here. Selection of a place for ports in the seashore zone and then designing and building them is a highly responsible task, where a mistake should be excluded. Otherwise, the rebuilding of the already constructed port facilities will be either impossible or too expensive. In this case, are expected irreversible processes, which can be expressed in catastrophic changes of seaside landscapes and complete environment. This is particularly about the coasts of accumulation type where migrations of the beach alluvium during of the sea storms can reach quite large volumes. Fig. 1-2 Therefore, for designing on a high level and proper operating of the future port in Anaklia additional researches and some changes in the port project are needed.
Submarine Canyon, river sediments, sediment transport