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    Октябрьская революция и путь к государственной независимости Азербайджана
    (Бакинский государственный университет, 2018) Канделаки, Дали
    One hundred years have passed since the South Caucasian countries – Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia proclaimed their independence. In the period of 26-28 May 1918, three independent states were established. This was one of the most important historical events in the history of these countries. The article reviews the situation in South Caucasus and shows the political way passed by these countries from 1917 years Revolution until the creation of the independent states. Historical events in Azerbaijan and the attitudes of Muslim deputies in South Caucasian Seim towards important issues are mainly discussed topics in the article. The article is based on Georgian publishing press materials from that period. Newspapers and magazines explicitly show the existing difficulties in the Caucasian region – radical confronting of different political parties and evident differences between principles and strategic aims
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    Октябрьская революция и подготовка к государственной независимости Грузии.
    (ООО «ЛЕНАНД», 2019) Канделаки, Дали
    October Revolution was one of the crucial points of the XX century, which made a huge impact on the development of Caucasus and in particular, Georgia. What were the ways of development chosen by countries of South Caucasus (Transcaucasia), which were part of Russian Empire after the October Revolution? What kind of attitude did the Georgian political parties had about Soviet Russia? What did Georgia go through in this short period: from October 1917 till 26th of May 1918, till establishing the independent republic of Georgia? These are questions, which will be answered and discussed in the research topic. From 15th of November, 1917 Commissariat of Transcaucasus started functioning in Tbilisi. By this new regional governmental body Transcaucasus officially declared its separation from Soviet Russia. The end of the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic was marked on May 26, 1918, when the Democratic Republic of Georgia declared independence. Fight of Georgian Nation for the freedom was ended.
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    Nachrichten des August von Haxthausen über die Beziehungen von Georgien und Russland
    (Universitat Verlag Konstanz, 2006) Kandelaki, Dali
    In den Jahren 1843-1844 bereiste August von Haxsthausen Russland und Transkaukasien. Mit seiner Arbeit machte der deutsche Wissenschaftler die Europaer des 19. Jahrhunderts mit Georgien bekannt, deren Interesse bezueglich des Kaukasus wegen seiner politischen Bedeutung stetig anwuchs.