Routinization of Conflict in Ukraine as a Security Dilemma

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state university, Faculty of social and political sciences
The conflict in Ukraine left behind its fifth year. The clashes that caused the deaths of thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people are the sources of the political and humanitarian crises in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea. Although the conflict situation and territorial instability in Ukraine may seem like a major security problem for the country, the Ukrainian political decision-makers are also benefiting from the impasse of the problem. Because Ukraine uses Russia's so-called intervention in conflicts to obtain the support of the West. Thus, it is thought that the conflict would cause the West, especially Europe, to embrace and support Ukraine against the aggression of Russia. Thus, with the support of the West, Ukraine will prevent the entire country from entering the sphere of influence of Russia. Ukraine, which wants to use the image of the “expansionist and aggressive Russia”, which is created by the routine conflict, in the negotiation processes with the West, is about to disregard a part of the country and guarantee the rest. But this situation has been shaking the process of entering the European Union, which Ukraine has been looking for a long time. The European Union does not want to include a country which has lost control in a certain part of its borders and whose territorial integrity is unclear and there is a possibility of a hot conflict at any time. Therefore, the political uncertainty and conflict in both the Donbass region and the Crimea, on the one hand, will provide Kiev with external support and partial security, while at the same time deeply shaking the European integration process, which will provide full security. This is a paradoxical conclusion for the security of Ukraine.
Ukraine, Routinization, Conflict, Security dilemma, Russia, EU Integration, უკრაინა, რუტინიზაცია, კონფლიქტი, უსაფრთხოების დილემა, რუსეთი, ევროინტეგრაცია