Business stability and Christian outlook

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
After the discovery of the atom, it was widely distributed concept in the world that as a result of the spread of scientific, technical and enlightenment ideas, religion would gradually lose its importance. The concept of"holy" and "beyond" would be forgotten. But these assumptions did not come true. Neither science nor widespread enlightenment nor total repression could separate religion from human consciousness. Moreover, the latest scientific research in high-energy physics already confirms the existence of the "beyond". Theologians write: There are only three things that can be done for God: "Creation out of nothing, knowing the future, and governing of the conscience". With the advent of modern complex and endless types of goods and globalization, business stability has become even more important internationally. The high culture is the fundamental of the business stability: profitability, solvency and security. In order to be successful and competitive in an internationally man-made international market, people need to understand the processes of spiritual development. Today, millions of people of different national and ethnic backgrounds and customs are involved in international trade and economic relations. Nevertheless, modern business relationships in themselves form the common values of the business culture that "by itself", whether it be by anyone or whether one thinks about it, is gradually approaching Christian morality: „"love each other"; "Carry each other's burdens"; „Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the God, not for human masters“. In line with the Christian outlook for real business stability and development, the following suggestions were developed in the article: 1. Whoever repays the loan and its benefits on time, the borrower may eventually be awarded a cash bonus; 2. If the borrower becomes insolvent, he or she will not be penalized; 3. It would be good if an unemployment compensation fund were set up in Georgia, where a certain percentage of the first and second category of enterprises would transfer from their profits and from wages all emploieds.
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business stability, profitability, solvency, safety, business culture, christian Outlook
The 4th International Scientific Conference: "Challenges of Globalization in Economics and Business", Tbilisi, 2019, pp. 479-484