Some aspects of using marketing stimulation for attracting tourists

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
Travel and Tourism is one of the main directions of development of the national economy of Georgia. Georgia has a great tourist potential. His resorts and tourist destinations have gained wide recognition. Our country is becoming more attractive for foreign tourists. The growth of interest towards the country and its tourist destinations is largely determined by the use of stimulating marketing tools. The paper analyzes the current situation in Georgia and provides a number of conclusions. In the opinion of the author, positive results were applied to the use of marketing approaches and work to demonstrate the advantages of tourism destinations of the country. In the work there are some opinions of the author about the marketing activities necessary for further development of tourism.
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Marketing; Travel & Tourism; Service; Tourism Stimulation
III International Scientific Conference: "Challenges of Globalization in Economics and Business", Tbilisi, 2018, pp. 338-341