Regional management problems and modern approaches to their solutions

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
The aim of the presented paper is to analyze the current problems of regional management and the modern state of their solution. The given work examines the methodology of region's socio-economic development policy. Specifically, regional marketing, the positive experience which has been acquired in the west's highly developed economies. The paper discloses the essence, features, functions and principles of regional marketing. The authors formulate methodical approaches to stimulation and regulation of region activity by methods of regional marketing and shows advantages of this tool in the general control system of regional development.The article describes the modern situation of regional marketing formation in Georgia.The paper concludes that it is impossible to convert the region into the most attractive place without elaboration of effective regional marketing strategies and practical realization. The authors of the research have identified the problems of the country's regions. The conclusion is that the Effective Regional Marketing Strategy ensures the creation of a recognizable system of unique peculiarities of the region, which is the key factor in attracting investments, including foreign direct investments. Such strategy will contribute to the creation of the region's recognized system of marketing features. In addition, the proper governance of the region, its effective positioning or repositioning creates new conditions for regions Investment attractiveness and its long-term development.
Regional management, regional marketing, regional marketing potential, regional policy, investment attractiveness of the region
The 2nd International Scientific Conference: Challenges of Globalization in Economics and Business. Tbilisi, 2017, pp. 382-389