Stages of the formation of unemployment social insurance system and development perspectives in Georgia (უმუშევრობის სოციალური დაზღვევის სისტემის ფორმირების ეტაპები და განვითარების პერსპექტივები საქართველოში)

Unemployment, as the most acute socio-economic phenomenon, is the main challenge facing Georgia. It has a significant impact on the overall process of economic development. In the conditions of modern global pandemic, problem has become more acute, which is accompanied by negative economic, social and psychological consequences. Therefore, it has a great importance for the country to develop an effective mechanism for social protection and insurance of unemployment. For the last 30 years social policy, pursued by the state in the field of unemployment protection and insurance were attempts to use different models tested in the practice of inconsistent and developed countries, however unsuccessful. In our opinion, in the work carried out of social protection and unemployment insurance there are three main stages: first stage (1991-2005) practically related attempt to form a European model of unemployment insurance, second stage (2006-2012) - radical liberalization of labor and employment, third stage (2013-2020) - is a qualitatively new stage in the development of labor market institutions and infrastructure; We think, the effective functioning of the Employment Promotion Agency will be of great help in establishing an effective unemployment insurance system. Orientation to the current challenges of the labor market, systematic market research and determination of real demand for labor, low-competitive, support for the unemployed who do not have the appropriate skills and experience - should become a key direction of the agency’s work, which will undoubtedly make it easy establishment and introduction of the required unemployment insurance system. There is no doubt to introduce an effective unemployment insurance system, but necessary condition overcoming of unemployment is the creation of additional jobs and the opportunity to expand employment. Obviously, that an active employment policy should remain in the country, as the main lever of overcoming unemployment and poverty and priority part of unity state policy.
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Labour market, Unemployment, Social protection, Insurance, Assistance, Employment policy
Economics and Business, №2, 2021, pp. 176-195