The role of sales personnel in developing relationships with customers

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The paper studies the role of sales personnel in order to promote developing relationships with customers. The main focus of the research is directed to study of the different views about the main challenges of sale. Personal communication has a great importance in selling. This is directed towards, that the seller should assist and convince potential customers to buy the product (service). Trading personnel practically helps people make the right choice. Nowadays customers' attitude toward selling methods and trading personnel is very interesting issue. The consumers requirements were improved and developed in Georgia. It is very important to step forward aspects of relationships marketing by companies in trade field. Relationship Marketing means creation of customer loyalty. In this case, companies are making products, prices, distribution, stimulation and service in order to unite their efforts for achieving this goal. Relationship marketing is based on the idea that the company needs to pay considerable and special attention to the important customers for the company.The methodology of the paper is based on marketing research. The final part of the article presents the main results and recommendations.
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Relationship marketing, selling, sales personnel, trade
Journal of International Scientific Publications, Volume 13, 2019, pp. 289-294