What is Hybrid Warfare and Its Geostrategic Aspects (Fourth War Generation) – Cyber War Case-Study

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state university, Faculty of social and political sciences
The hybrid war is one of the main tools of the "New Generation War." At time being, with consideration of new realities, linked with contemporary international security processes, a war game modulation has been transformed into a new dimension – the introduction of a Fourth Warfare Generation associated with the Hybrid Warfare theory and strategy. Concrete cases of Hybrid Warfare are the occupation and further annexation of Crimea peninsula by the Russian Federation from Ukraine and the so-called “Green Men” affect. Crimea's annexation has caused a threat, that Russia might create a preemptive military presence in any country, and in addition hostilities in the conditions of a hybrid war in Syria's regional war. Moreover, it is clear that war game scenarios are developing and wagging not only in 3-D formats but also in a 4-D format, meaning: land-sea-air- space (cyber). This type of warfare is also determined by the factors linked with non-visible areas and aimed at dwelling on frustration and defragmentation of a foe’s cultural values and focusing on the inferiority on information channels and flows. The viral warfare in cyber warfare is also a variety of the hybrid warfare, called the cyber war. The cyber war is a new threat to national security. The general directions of military strategic parameters of the hybrid war can be presented as follows: • not physical, not moral and political defeat; • combined, coordinated, open and hidden use of terrorism, criminal and cyber combat techniques of Combined Martial Tactical Elements. The purpose of our report is to study the concept of "hybrid war" and to discuss its geostrategic aspects in the conceptual framework of cyber war. For this purpose, it is necessary to research this topic. This will give us an opportunity to find out more about the issue of hybrid war and its geostrategic aspects on the example of the cyber war. We will mainly use qualitative research methods, namely, the review of literature, through which we will develop the theoretical framework of the research and the case study analysis will help us to inspect the real facts in a better way.
hybrid war, fourth war generation, cyber war, geostrategic aspects, ჰიბრიდული ომი, მეოთხე თაობის ომი, კიბერომი, გეოსტრატეგიული ასპექტები