Incremental Policy-Making in Public Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Turkey

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state university, Faculty of social and political sciences
Coronavirus disease, which began in 2019, has been identified as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization as of March 2020. During the pandemic, many regions -first in East Asia, then the Middle East and then Europe- had to struggle with this crisis. In the COVID-19 pandemic, which has emerged as a medical-based problem, governments have primarily focused on health policies. During the pandemic, problems in health systems, especially in Italy and Spain, have triggered new measures in many countries and changes in health policies. In this direction, Turkey first gave priority to activities in preparation for the epidemic and then gave weight to measures for hospital infrastructure and health workers. In addition to health equipment such as ventilators, efforts were made to produce protective and preventive health equipment during the initial stages of the epidemic. During this period, city hospitals opened through public-private partnership were also crucial in combating the epidemic. On the other hand, new policy topics such as vaccine production, vaccine supply and vaccination have also been raised in the following periods. Turkey, which had to develop policy practices in different titles during three different peak periods of the epidemic, has followed partial successful process management as a country that sometimes needs to be exemplified and sometimes lessons learned in these studies. In this context, Turkey's decisions on health policies during the pandemic period will be examined with an incremental policy process approach, and good and bad practices will be discussed through lesson drawing. It aims to examine Turkey's practices in different peak periods in terms of their results and draw conclusions about future outbreaks. The implementation processes of the Influenza Plan of Turkey preparedness plans prepared before 2019 encourage who will also be discussed in terms of their results. It is thought that the study will be a comparison with other country examples in terms of discussing the effectiveness of the policies produced by the example of Turkey, which has a large-scale, densely populated and central administrative structure.
Incremental Model, Public Policy, COVID-19, Turkey