The determinants of incoming tourism demand and its analyses in Georgia using econometric modeling method (შემოსვლით ტურიზმზე მოთხოვნის დეტერმინანტები და მისი ანალიზი ეკონომეტრიკული მოდელირების მეთოდის გამოყენებით საქართველოს მაგალითზე)

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Paata Gugushvili Institute of Economics
The article offers an econometrical analyses of incoming tourist demand in 2008-2014 in Georgia on the date basis of so-cold 15 top countries. JDP per capital in tourist origin countries, exchange rate cost of lodging, cost of living, cost of air travel, surface travel cost, attraction of tourist destination, the number of tourist organizations in Georgia dummy, variables reflecting the world financial crises began in 2008 and Russian – Georgian war in 2008 are offered as the determinants of incoming tourism demand. By means of dynamic econometric model assessment are elucidated the determinants essentially influencing the formation of incoming tourism demand.
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Tourism, demand determinants, econometric modeling
Proceedings of Materials of International Scientific-Practical Conference: "Actual Problems of Sustainable Development of National Economies", Tbilisi, 2015, pp. 422-427