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Success of produced products on the market can be assessed with its sales figures (indicator). Sales growth is impossible, if users do not have information about the company's products (brands) on their characteristics and advantages. The proper management of brand is very important for modern companies. Brand is presented as a complex system of interconnected elements. It is very important for our country, Georgian products to be presented not only in the domestic market, but also to increase its exports. Significant place in the country's total export is held by Georgian wine, mineral water, alcoholic beverages, carbonated soft (nonalcoholic) drinks and etc… (National Statistics Office of Georgia, 2016). It should be noted that branding was applied in Georgia in certain form in the past as well. There existed lots of Georgian-made consumer products, which had the benefits from their high reputations between consumers not only in Georgia, but also in abroad (Ten Oldest Georgian Brands). The tasks of this research was: to determine consumer evaluations at Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia) consumers market about Georgian brands; to find out the attitude of consumers to the advantages of Georgian brands. Based on the results of the research to determine weaknesses which prevent Georgian brands from success. In the conclusive part of the work are given research results, conclusions and some recommendations.
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Brand; Branding; Brand image; Marketing Research.
Cybernetics and Systems: Social and Business Decisions. London, 2018, pp. 65-69