Key aspects of green economy and its development prospects in Georgia

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
For the last several decades, the issues of Green Economy have been receiving a lot of attention and more and more countries are trying to make it one of the main strategies for their development. It should be mentioned that, Green Economy does not necessary mean only environmental protection issues or an attempt to do less harm to the environment. The Green Economy is one of the means of economic growth, and it has a great impact on macroeconomic indicators. There are spheres where it is most effective and spheres where it is not advisable to use it. The article will discuss the prospects for Green Economy in Georgia and consider its macroeconomic impacts, outlooks and potential challenges along the way.
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Green economy, green growth, macroeconomy, green economy in Georgia
Economics and Business, №4, 2019, pp. 113-129