The role of branding for success in the Georgian tea market

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World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET)
Economic growth is seen as the increase in the production capacity of a country. It enables a country to produce more and more material wealth and social benefits. Today, the success of any product on the market is closely related to the issue of branding. The brand is a source of information for a user/consumer, which helps to simplify the choice of goods and reduce consumer risk. The paper studies the role of branding in order to promote Georgian tea brands. The main focus of the research is directed to consumer attitudes regarding Georgian tea brands. The methodology of the paper is based on marketing research. The findings study revealed that the majority of consumers prefer foreign tea brands. The final part of the article presents the main recommendations
Marketing research, customer behavior, brand, successful brand
International Journal of Economics and Management Engineering, Vol:13, No:8, 2019, p. 1127-1130