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Customer service in retail stores is of great importance in creating customer satisfaction. The needs of Georgian consumers in the services offered in stores are changing. Today, consumers are often well informed. Customers want and expect to receive quality products, provide the right level of service and much more. Along with buying the products they need, consumers also expect the buying process to be enjoyable and convenient for them. Existing retail stores that compete with each other contribute to increasing consumer expectations. Personal communication is very important in sales. Sales staff practically helps people make the right choice. The aim of our research - to study the attitude of consumers to the services available in stores, to the sales methods and to the staff. Based on the results of the study, a number of shortcomings were identified. The final part of the article presents our main recommendations that will help retail stores improve their operations.
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marketing research, service, sales in retail stores, customer satisfaction, sales staff
Economy & Business. Journal of International Scientific Publications. Burgas, Bulgaria. Volume 14, 2020, pp. 175-182