Mortality and life duration of the population of Georgia under COVID 19 conditions (საქართველოს მოსახლეობის მოკვდაობა და სიცოცხლის ხანგრძლივობა კოვიდ 19-ის პირობებში)

• As a result of the pandemic, the negative natural increase in 2019-2020 was 4017 persons. In 2020, 2587 people died due to the COVID, including 1458 men (56.4%) and 1129 women (43.6%); • The average life expectancy in Georgia as a result of COVID in 2019-2020 decreased by 0.6 years, including men - by 0.6 years, and women - by 0.5 years; • COVID mortality becomes statistically significant after 40 years, before that only 27 cases of death were recorded; • The sex-age pattern of mortality as a result of COVID, differs from other causes. In the case of COVID, , the “ mortality” of men increases compared to women after 40 years and reaches a maximum at the age of 65-69, after which it begins to decline. For other reasons, men's “mortality” systematically decreases with age; • Among the regions, COVID-19 caused the most damage to Adjara, Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti, where the average life expectancy was reduced by 2.2 years more than other regions, which should become a subject of discussions by the relevant authorities.
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საქართველო, მოკვდაობა, სიცოცხლის ხანგრძძლივობა, კოვიდ - 19
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