Some problems of insurance marketing

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
Years fly and humanity, based on new geographical discoveries, the establishment of more and more commercial, economic and cultural relations between countries and peoples, is becoming more enlightened, religiously tolerant and civilized. This process, coupled with the development of science, technology and technology at the intersection of mathematics, physics of chemistry, biology, information technology and other fundamental and humanitarian disciplines that we really encounter in modern times, whether we like it or not, cultivate appearance, psychology, everyday life and the culture of us and the younger generation. In these historical conditions, people give a special place and preference to the logic of risk management in all their manifestations: in everyday life, technology, economics, in business, etc. Therefore, it was no coincidence that they came up with such relatively new sciences as marketing and management, and before them an insurance system.
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Insurance marketing, insurance market, insurance company, insurance business
Economics and Business, №1, 2021, pp. 160-172