The establishment of regulatory agencies in the agri-food sector is a state necessity (მარეგულირებელი (ჩამრევი) სამსახურების შექმნა აგროსასურსათო სექტორში სახელმწიფოებრივი აუცილებლობაა)

The global food crisis significantly strengthens the motivation of a State to assist and regulate the agricultural sector with a view to applying leverage that is not provided for by self-regulated market mechanisms. In the current context, the agri-food sector of Georgia requires state support, because it can take several decades to realize its full potential from its own resources. Solving the food security problem would amount to the preservation of the country’s political and economic independence. We still import more than 70% of foodstuffs needed by the population. If we are to achieve a positive trade balance by 2025, we must massively increase agricultural production with a view to reducing excessive spending of foreign currency on food imports.
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