The Real Reason Behind Occupying Iraq in 2003

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state university, Faculty of social and political sciences
Although the United States of America and the British government accused Iraq to have Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological weapons these reasons were just used as legal cover to invade Iraq. The main reason was Iraqi oil and gas. Iraq is one of the rich countries in Middle East with oil, since Iraq nationalized oil in June – 1972, Iraq faced many local and international conflicts from ethnic conflict between Arab and Kurds in 1974-1975, war with Iran 1980 – 1988 then the American Invasion to Iraq in 2003. Iraq could not nationalize the oil sector without Soviet Union support. Before Iraq nationalizing oil, in September-1960 the Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Kareem Qassim established OPEC organization which regulating oil products for country members. The Prime Minister Abdul Kareem Qassim decided to sell Iraqi oil and take the revenue in Iraqi Dinar which was not accepted by western countries especially United States of America. This decision was the main reason for western countries to support the opposition in Iraq to lead a military cube against Abdul Kareem Qassim to overthought his government and execute him. Abdul Kareem Qassim depended on Soviet Union support but it failed to keep him in power. Going back to the Middle East history, we can find the same plan happen to Iran during 1951 – 1953 when the Iranian Prime Minister Muhamad Mosaddeq nationalized Iranian oil from British oil company which controlled Iranian oil sector. When the decision was not easy which done by the Iranian government I one side because in 1933 the Shah of Iran Reda Pahlavi signed a legal contract with Britain government to allow British oil company to invest I Iranian oil sector till 1993, therefore, when Iranian government decided to nationalize the oil sector it was illegal decision because of the contracts which singed between Shah of Iran and British government. Add to that, the Iranian government changed the revenue of the oil from Dollar to Iranian currency which was a real threaten for American economy and American currency. Muhamad Mosaddeq depended on Iranian Communist Party and Soviet Union support to keep him in power but he failed. After Iraq occupied Kuwait in 2-08-1990, the international Community put Iraq under economy sanction which stopped Iraq to communicate and trade with global countries till 1996 when Oil food program accepted by Iraqi government, this program allowed Iraq to sell oil and get food but Saddam Hussein asked the international bank to sell Iraqi oil with Euro not with Dollar, this decision was the beginning of overthrowing Saddam Hussein regime in 2003.
Nationalizing Oil Sector, Soviet Union, changing the oil Revenue from Dollar to Euro or local currency