Литературные и исторические ценности в книге сера Оливера Уордропа «Грузинское царство»/ Literary and Historical Values in Sir Oliver Wardrop’s Book “The Kingdom of Georgia”

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Oliver and Marjory Wardrops are founders of English Cartvelology. In 1888, Oliver Wardrop published his book “Kingdom of Georgia” in London. From cultural heritage the author tells us about literary and historical values. During the narration he follows the chronology, accurately describes the facts and the events, talks about the spiritual values of the Georgians. He also describes the geographical location of Georgia, its region, tells us about the socio-political and public life of Georgia. In the book, the author tries to accurately describe historical facts and events. However, he focuses on the key moments of history of Georgia. Speaking of Georgian language and literature O. Wardrop begins with the Georgian script and devotes the most of his time to discussing Georgian literature of many centuries. The book is dedicated to James Bryce, Professor of Civil Law at Oxford University. O. Wardrop is a good expert of Georgian history and literature and tries to put Georgian culture in its place among the world cultures.
Уордроп, Грузия, ценности, литература, история, Wardrop, Georgia, values, literature, history
VALUES IN LITERATURE AND ARTS V, The proceedings of the 13th international conference, held on June 4, 2021 in Brno, Czech Republic, pp.: 315-323