English Language Teachers’ Views On Nativeness And Non-Nativeness Of English Teachers

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The debate of world Englishes has introduced some novelties to teaching English within a lingua franca perspective that is relevant to the current position of English. Based on the current status of English, communication with only native groups of people does not seem realistic for English language learners. Thus, it hardly is applicable to present one single standardized model of English to English language learners. Instead, it becomes rather significant to offer them a non-standardized English language by introducing world Englishes from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds since the knowledge of English can no longer be constrained to one single variety. This study tries to figure out native and nonnative English speaking teachers’ differences in a teaching context from a nonnative English speaking teachers’ perspective. Collecting data from an open-ended questionnaire and semi-structured interviews, the study aims to draw a clear picture of what nonnative English speaking teachers think about themselves and their counterparts, native English-speaking teachers, at their institution. The study has some significant implications regarding English language teaching, attitude towards native and nonnative speaking teachers.
English language teaching, native and nonnative English speaking teachers, English as a lingua franca, world Englishes, culture
III International Symposium for Young Scholars in the Humanities (Symposium proceedings)