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The service sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is of great importance in meeting the diverse needs of consumers. Technological shifts and digitalization processes in the world have led to changes in people's daily lives and consumer behavior. A significant portion of consumers are increasingly trying to spend less time and energy on daily routine shopping. Part of the population is out of the habit to queuing to buy the desired product, going a long way to get services. The change in consumer behavior has led to an increase in the number of fast delivery companies in both the international and Georgian markets. Demand for this type of service has further increased in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. In this paper is presented study and analysis of the attitude of consumers towards the home delivery service on the example of Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia). The aim of the study is to identify problems in this area, as well as to study consumer attitudes about this service. The article analyzes the growing importance of on-site delivery service in meeting the diverse needs of customers. Our task is to identify the weaknesses that are observed when providing this service. The paper presents the results of a marketing survey of consumers 'attitudes towards home delivery service and proposes the authors' recommendations to better meet the needs of buyers with this type of service.
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Home delivery service, Consumer attitudes, Marketing research, Service marketing, Customer satisfaction
Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy & Business, Volume 15, 2021, pp. 233-242