Existing and Prospective Geographical Areas of Economic Development of the Black Sea Coastal Zone of Georgia in Terms of the Blue Economy

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The objective of Georgia, as a country oriented and accountable to the sustainable development goals, is to pursue economic policies that contribute to the country's overall sustainable development, while "ensuring human well-being in the interests of economic development and environmental protection." One of the most important resources for the sustainable development of Georgia's economy is the Black Sea, the development of which should be based on the principles of the blue economy. Although the blue economy is a new policy for Georgia, it is necessary to implement and operate it in a timely manner. The blue economy is the development and extension of a sustainable development- oriented concept of green economy in the coastal areas and aquatics of the seas or oceans. Blue economy policy implies the rational use of existing resources and maintenance of the sustainability of the ecosystem, with its priorities being: fisheries, aquaculture, marine resources, maritime and coastal tourism, and maritime transport and shipping. The aim of the research is to assess the business / entrepreneurial sector in the Black Sea coastal zone of Georgia on the basis of spatial analysis, to classify this sector according to the principal directions and scales of the blue economy sectors, to map out the peculiarities of the geographical location of the business / entrepreneurial sector and define the major business/entrepreneurial tendencies/features characterizing Georgian Black Sea coastal zone. In the process of European integration, the "Association Agreement between Georgia and the European Union" and its effective and efficient implementation is of great importance, we can consider this document as the legal basis for the introduction of the blue economy and to determine the urgency of this issue. At the same time, the topicality of this subject is conditioned through comprehending the leading economic function of the business / entrepreneurial sector in the Black Sea coastal zone.
Blue Economy, Business / Entrepreneurial Sector, Biodiversity, Natural Resources, Marine littering, Economics, Coastal Zone