Challenges and perspectives of digital entrepreneurship in Georgia (ციფრული მეწარმეობის გამოწვევები და პერსპექტივები საქართველოში)

dc.contributor.authorMaglakelidze (მაღლაკელიძე), Amiran (ამირან)
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dc.description.abstractUnder the conditions of globalization, the rapid development of information technology has made it possible to carry out entrepreneurial activities in the virtual space. The widespread use of the Internet and the create of various digital platforms have laid the foundation for digital entrepreneurship as a modern form of entrepreneurial activity. To start a digital entrepreneurship, it is important to have continuous entrepreneurial and digital innovations, progressive vision of modern technological and electronic market conjuncture, creativity and the ability to predict future trends. Georgia is still characterized by low levels of digital entrepreneurial activity. Nowadays, the main problems of digital entrepreneurship are that the country has no virtually planned digital entrepreneurial policies, the permanent implementation of which will make it possible to produce digital products using digital platforms in the digital ecosystem. With regard to the global pace and prospects for the development of digital entrepreneurship, funding for digital entrepreneurship initiatives in Georgia is miserably small. Digital entrepreneurship is an unorganized and development is mostly driven by individual initiatives. For the irreversible development of a sustainable digital ecosystem and digital entrepreneurship in Georgia, it is necessary to: The relevant toolkit of economic policy should be selected based on the progressive vision of technological development and on the basis of adequate analysis of the prospects of the information society; It is necessary to create a strategy for the development of digital economy and digital entrepreneurship; expand the scale of financial support programs for digital entrepreneurship initiatives to make it possible to implement more technologically innovative ideas; creating / expanding a network of innovation centers and similar educational spaces, which should ensure the development of technical and entrepreneurial skills of the population in the field of innovation and technology.en_US
dc.identifier.citationEconomics and Business, №1, 2020, pp. 154-168en_US
dc.publisherIvane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Pressen_US
dc.subjectDigital entrepreneurship; digital economy; information technology, innovation, ideaen_US
dc.titleChallenges and perspectives of digital entrepreneurship in Georgia (ციფრული მეწარმეობის გამოწვევები და პერსპექტივები საქართველოში)en_US
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