Some views about prospects of Georgian tea brands

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The most important issue for countries in the transition to market economy is that their enterprises and companies compete with other products produced in other countries. This is a complicated issue because the customer has a large and wide choice. It is important not only to produce high quality products, but also to sell it well. In this case, a big role can be done to using marketing approaches, to create a brand and its correct management policy. Tea is quite a demanding product in Georgia. However, local production of tea does not satisfy even the needs of the local population. The majority of Georgian customers prefer the foreign origin tea brands. This is a sad fact because in the last century, Georgia was one of the leading producers of tea in the Soviet Union. Thus, research of consumer attitude towards Georgian tea brands is especially important issue. The main objective of the work was to examine the attitude of consumers to Georgian tea brands. So this topic is very actually.
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Marketing, Brand, Tea brands, Successful brand, Marketing research, Customer behavior
International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference: Business Strategy: Futurological Challenges, Kiev, 2019, pp. 387-393