Electronic Propaganda of Ideological-Political Platforms in Modern Georgia (Internet Activities of Left-Wing organizations)

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state university, Faculty of social and political sciences
The study examines three Georgian leftist websites : ‘’Anarchist Library’’ ‘’European.ge’’ and ‘’Tbilisi Fabian Society’’. ,,Anarchist Library’’ is a collective, built by Georgia’s anarchists, other two ,,European.ge’’ and ,,Tbilisi Fabian Society’’ are Social-Democratic organizations. The study is relevant, because during the last few years, these groups have been organizing various social protests and they use the websites as a tool for organizing and spreading values. To these groups, the Internet has become one of the key sources for political communication with a broader society. The research relies on various methods, including content analysis of given web-sites, study of their translations, researches and articles, systemizing data and finding links between given groups. In Georgia, since 2011, we can witness the birth and development of leftist oriented, organized social groups, which were mainly based on student activists, since the break-up of the Soviet Union, until 2012 parliamentary elections, the left-wing camp has never been a popular political actor in Georgian politics. The year before 2012 Georgian elections, in Tbilisi State University, various left-wing oriented student groups have been created, the most famous among them with their activities was ‘’Laboratoria 1918’’, the protest, organized by this group days before the elections has dramatically changed the election process in Georgia. ‘’Laboratoria 1918’’ has stopped its activity soon after change of ruling party in 2012 election, but members of these groups have established brand new groups, where they have gone. Other parallel leftist groups have existed since ‘’Laboratoria 1918’’ has established itself, the most popular of them was ,,Anarchist Library’’, we can also mention ,,Tbilisi Fabian Society’’ which was founded in 2013. Since 2012, these groups are organizers of various social protests, strikes and unrests, and we have studied their internet websites, which are ‘’Anarchist Library’’ ‘’European.ge’’ and ‘’Tbilisi Fabian Society’’. These platforms have emerged from student groups, they have established values, views and organizational methods, also as it is mentioned in research, these groups are different from each other in various aspects, the members are : researchers, activists, N.G.O officials … people, who actively participate in political process. The study underlines those issues and problems, which are targeted by given groups, for example : perspectives about life in regions and towns of Georgian provinces, also reviews about International and local politics, the research analyses the content of left-wing platforms and the method of communication with society.
political communication, left-wing organizations, political theory, “Facebook” pages, ideological-political platforms, electronic propaganda, internet activities, anarchism, social democracy, Menshevism, student activism, social protests, პოლიტიკური კომუნიკაცია, მემარცხენე მიმართულების მოძრაობები, პოლიტიკური თეორია, "ფეისბუქ" გვერდები, იდეურ-პოლიტიკური პლატფორმები, ელექტრონული პროპაგანდა, ინტერნეტ აქტივობები, ანარქიზმი, სოციალ-დემოკრატია, მენშევიზმი, სტუდენტური მოძრაობები, სოციალური პროტესტები