“Covid-19”, Locked Borders and Georgia's Emergency Choice - Production or Service?

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
In the article - "Coronavirus, Locked Borders and Georgia's Emergency Choice - Production or Service?" – it is discussed two challenges facing the coronavirus worldwide, including Georgia. The first is to localize the coronavirus and ensure the health of the population, and the second is to restructure the economy to ensure the country's food security. The paper work focuses on the second challenge and argues that in terms of threat, the second challenge is the same as the first, as massive lethality of the population can occur not only through coronavirus but also through starvation. The author of the article talks about the changes in the sectoral structure of the Georgian economy in accordance with the current situation and, examining the views of other Georgian scientists on this issue, concludes that today, the first priority for Georgia should be only production, for example, food production.
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Coronavirus; Locked borders; Import; Production; Services
International Scientific Conference Dedicated to the Establishment of the University and the 100th Anniversary of the Faculty of Economics and Business “Covid 19 Pandemic and Economics”, Tbilisi, 2022, pp. 29-33