The Impact of Asymmetric War on Euro-Atlantic Security

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state university, Faculty of social and political sciences
In the 21st century, asymmetric warfare has become a pressing problem for global and international security. The superpowers and the largest alliances are trying in various ways to be ready for the challenges of asymmetric warfare, to anticipate future threats and to take preventive measures. One explanation is that asymmetric warfare is a war in which the military strength of the opposing parties and the tactics or strategies used by them are markedly different. Challenges and geopolitical changes in the modern world make the role and function of European and Euro-Atlantic structures important in world security. New forms of political and military cooperation have called for peace and stability in Europe. Because of this, NATO, through cooperation with former adversaries, has established new mechanisms for Euro-Atlantic security cooperation. The asymmetric threat poses a great challenge to a world that knows no bounds in the politics of both national and international law, peace and war, domestic and foreign policy. The purpose of our presentation is to examine the impact of asymmetric warfare on the European and Euro-Atlantic security systems in a conceptual framework. This requires a study of this issue, which will allow us to find out the nature of asymmetric warfare and its impact on European and Euro-Atlantic security. Security is especially relevant in the age of globalization, when the system of international relations is more vulnerable to the challenges of asymmetric threats such as terrorism, the creation and proliferation of nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, hybrid warfare and cyberterrorism. There is an asymmetric threat formula: "Weakness dominates or wins over the strong." Despite the constant changes in the world, the European and Euro-Atlantic Alliance has been able to establish peace and stability in the world.
Asymmetric war, security, Euro-Atlantic alliance