Peculiarities of state procurement system functioning in Georgia

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
The article deals with the role of public procurement in the economy as an important macroeconomic instrument that enables the state to influence economic relations and create a healthy environment for the development of the country's economy. It also reviews positive and negative socio-economic consequences, which leads to a market economy. The main purpose of the research is to analyze the current state of affairs, assessment of socioeconomic results caused by corruption and incorrect administration in public procurement. The theory defines theoretical and practical consequences that result in the administration of public procurement. The essence of social policy and the necessity, tasks and directions of its existence. Problems of state procurement in developed and developing countries, corruption and mechanisms to fight against it.The final part of the work, deals with the best solutions and directions regarding the public procurement established in Georgia. The goal of the research is to analyze the current condition of the state procurement, assessment of the factors affecting it and determining the provision of effective procurement by the state. The research serves to study the condition of the state procurement and elaborate system of measures to ensure its efficient provision.
State Procurement, procurement mechanism, effective procurement system, internal supplier, competitive advantages, electronic tender, consolidated tender
III International Scientific Conference: "Challenges of Globalization in Economics and Business", Tbilisi, 2018, pp. 379-384