Challenges of social media marketing in the healthcare industry

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
The paper examines the role of social media in healthcare. It shows the main challenges that the representatives of the health sector are facing today. The main focus was on the adoption of digital marketing technologies in healthcare. The modern vision of social media marketing and the opinions of various scientists about the use of social media marketing in health care are formulated. As a result of the analysis of literary materials, the features of the use of social media marketing in the post-covid period are described, taking into account the change in the behavior of consumers in healthcare. The paper shows that the active use of social media marketing strategies in health care will help to overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 in the field of medical services.
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Conference Proceedings: "The World Economy in the Post-Pandemic Period: Implications and Challenges", Tbilisi, 2023, pp. 121-125