Some issues of intangible assets fair value measurement

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
Intangible assets can be accounted at fair value only when an active market exists. A value of intangible asset on such market reflects its fair value. Three methods are used to measure a fair value of intangible assets: • Market method – Comparison of assets with similar assets purchased and sold during the last market operations; • Revenue Method – Discounted value of future cash flows expected from the asset; • Cost Method – Measurement costs, by which the asset is replaced – the replacement value. The first one is the comparative measurement method. Measurement of the fair value of intangible assets is a too difficult job. In practice, measurement of a fair value of the intangible assets is a responsibility of evaluator who must be experienced in this field, or, a company management should undertake this task. The methods of measurement of the fair value of intangible assets, have their pros and cons. A positive side is an objective measurement of further cash flows from the assets’ value in use and an efficient assessment of the results of activity of an entity. However, the measurement of the fair value may be considered as conditional, since if no active market exists, a level of uncertainty is high.
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Intangible Asset; Fair Value; Revenue Method; Cost Method; Market Method
Economics and Business, №1, 2019, pp. 158-163