A woman as the face of cultural-social and religious identity (according to ethnographic materials)

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
A woman, mother-woman is the face of cultural-social and religious identity in Georgia, the founder of ethnic-cultural ideology. Created by a woman, this reality has been seriously reinforced by the Christian Orthodox religion. The analysis of available historical data, ethnological studies and our ethnographic materials on the issue under discussion reveals: a. About equality of women and men in Christianity and the mentality of Georgian people, (cf. equality between men and women is reflected in the Georgian language. We also have the terms, such as “mother-man”, “father-man” [For discussion: see T. Putkaradze’s work, https://ortakfikir.com/ webstore / 160220180726421.pdf]), about the gospel-like counsel from a woman, of unblemished (purity of soul and body) services, as well as about the fact that woman is the main figurant of the folk beliefs in Georgian reality; b. the code of faith, firmness and justice, imprinted by the Lord in woman, is the provider of feminity carrying the national mission; c. For a “Christian” daughter (in addition to religious affiliation, the term also denotes the person living the righteous lifestyle), influenced by the cult of Nana, immaculate motherhood and nursing mission were considered to be “the grace from the Lord.” In fact, it turns out to be a manifestation of Georgian ethnopsychology, recognized as a traditional-humane way of life (employment of a woman according to age and gender in family activities; decision made voluntarily and following the wishes of Shushanik, Febronia, Sanata) and the cases unacceptable for us (some single cases of condemning widowed woman, who was apparently forced to get remarried to husband’s brother; getting married just following her parents’ wishes; betrothal from the cradle and considering this betrothal to be a mandatory pre-requisite for marriage). Our attitude: The reality of the traditional life we described above is today wrapped in an ideological package and recognized as a violation of rights. Despite this, a woman with her dignity and self-restraint did manage and still manage to keep her dignity. Several rules are also unacceptable for us, which have not been confirmed for a long time, have not become a tradition. A cultural-social and religious nature of a woman in Georgian reality is a rule of her traditional cultural and general lifestyle identical to one that is established by Christ.
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woman; mother-woman as the face of cultural-social and religious identity in Georgia; ethnic-cultural reality; Christian Orthodox religion; the code of firmness and justice; national mission of feminity; woman’s lifestyle in Georgian reality is identical that established by Christ
VI International Scientific Conference: "Challenges of Globalization in Economics and Business", Tbilisi, 2021, pp. 376-381