Inclusive growth-the qualitative innovation of Georgian social and economic development strategy

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
Economic growth is an important challenge for every country, especially for developing ones, including Georgia. Actually, economics of Georgia was increased without significant growth of the number of employed. As a response of this challenge in 2014 the Social and Economic Development Strategy of Georgia – Georgia 2020 was published aiming identification of key problems and challenges preventing development of the foundation for a long-term inclusive economic growth and improvement of welfare of the population. The social and economic development program/strategy of Georgia - “Georgia 2020”- is relevant to the world trends, Georgia is relevant to world trends, as the main goal of the strategy is identification of the preventive factors of inclusive economic growth and defining the social-economic policy for overcoming it. Inclusive economic growth was the main direction of country economic development, the result is long-term nature based on the strategy complexity and its activities after 2020, but the information about certain activities implemented by Government of Georgia and the achieved results is not known for the society. Activities made in the field of entrepreneurship, starting from Estonian model of income, finished with simplified business administration, are very positive and correct step, especially in the field of strengthening small and medium enterprise. The thesis focuses on inclusive growth model as a main qualitative innovation of Georgian social and economic development strategy- Georgia 2020 and the conditions of its achievement, on the long-term oriented actions for achievement of the mentioned results ad compliance to the goals of the strategy. We consider that for an effective result the state shall pay the special attention to the components included state strategy on education quality essurance, employment of the population of all the level and development of real production. Also, it is important that each specific step was more detailed oriented or oriented on the results for inclusive growth, as only economic growth does not bring automatic improvement of poor’s conditions. Though sustainable economic growth will be a strong basis for further inclusive growth and improvement of the condition of poors.
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Economic growth, inclusive growth, equality
Economics and Business, №2, 2019, pp. 81-92