Methods of making managerial decisions (მმართველობითი გადაწყვეტილებების მიღების მეთოდები)

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
Management decision-making is an essential component of the activities of a body with any level of management hierarchy, so far as development and implementation of correct decisions is an indispensable prerequisite for the economic development. In present times governance procedures are becoming more complex, which, naturally, requires advance of the methods of their solution. Correct approach to the problem-solving ensures selection of the most efficient solution from all the available choices. According to the opinion of a number of scientists this should include at least the following steps: Identifying and defining the problem. At the initial stage it is necessary to pose “right” questions for delimiting the problem in order to rule out spontaneous decision without its proper detailed definition. Analyzing the factors causing the problem. Frequently problem solving comes down to elimination of its causes. Identifying possible strategies and solutions. It is always desirable to identify as many solution options as possible in order to have more alternatives to choose from. Choosing the best solution. It is always advisable to analyze cost-effectiveness and advantages of each option before taking a final decision. Setting out an action plan. Application of each solution should be mapped out in order to verify its effectiveness and take action in case of failure. Implementation of the solution. Implementation of the action plan requires all the involved entities to carry out the planned actions in accordance with the agreed upon framework. Follow-up verification. Verification of the results of each decision allows for taking any preventive measures against failure or repeating the entire decisionmaking cycle until the right approach is found. Based on this approach, the choice of the method for validation of decisions becomes most essential part of the process. And this depends on the rationale under the decision models itself. There are many types of decision-making practices, such as: the methods of cognitive science, the methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis, cause-and-effect among them, and others. Keywords: Operations research, heuristic and graphic methods, modelling, business games, synthetics, brainstorming.
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Operations research, heuristic and graphic methods, modelling, business games, synthetics, brainstorming
Economics and Business, №4, 2020, pp. 176-195