Life and Professional Aspirations of Students as a Factor of European Integration in Poland and Ukraine, on the Example of Research into the Quality of Life in the City

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state university, Faculty of social and political sciences
In the post-modern world, also known as postmodernism, we observe clear transformations not only in economic, political and social areas, but also in cultural areas. The interest in social sciences in the issues of youth aspirations in recent years is socially justified. The needs of social development require shaping the personality of the young generation, appropriate values, needs and aspirations. Social sciences define life aspirations as aspirations, intentions, needs and interests of a given individual, which condition its behaviors and plans, and also affect its planned way of life. Life aspirations are also related to the values accepted by the individual. Research on the life aspirations of young people is therefore particularly socially important, and due to their dynamics they should be constantly replenished, because as a result of constant transformations they undergo certain modifications. Poland and Ukraine are the two closest neighbors. Rzeszów and Lviv are two university cities, that are also partner cities. The main objective of the study was to get to know the opinions of students of the University of Rzeszów and the University of I. Franki in Lviv on selected topics related to the quality of life in Rzeszów and Lviv, as well as life and professional aspirations of students in Poland and Ukraine. The aim of the study was both cognitive and practical, as on one hand, the focus was on obtaining information on specific topics related to various aspects of the quality of life in the city and the aspirations of young people, on the other hand, an attempt will be made to obtain information, which may prove to be useful for the authorities of both universities and cities in the context of using the considerable potential of the young inhabitants of these cities. Broad research issues related to the quality of life and aspirations of students in the context of European integration, force to narrow the problem to several basic research areas: 1) State of satisfaction with housing in Rzeszów and Lviv and detailed aspects of the quality of life in the city (communication, security, housing market, culture, recreation, labor market for students, etc.). 2) Ways of spending free time. 3) Student social and cultural capital. 4) Life aspirations and student value system. 5) Professional aspirations, migration plans in the context of European integration, etc.
Life aspirations, Students, Quality of life, Social capital, Youth, ცხოვრებისეული მისწრაფებები, სტუდენტები, ცხოვრების ხარისხი, სოციალური კაპიტალი, ახალგაზრდობა