About the Importance of Tourism Promotion Policy (Georgian Case)

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Journal of International Economic Research
Today tourism is one of the main directions of development of national economy in Georgia. With the development of this sector, the country can receive significant revenues and reduce the level of unemployment. The tourism promotion policy, which the state is implementing, is expressed to carry out a number of activities and support by the state. Georgia has a great tourist potential. Georgian resorts and tourist destinations have gained wide recognition. Our country is becoming more attractive for foreign travelers and tourists. Tourism development is not only the result of the industry activity. But it needs united effort of state and private sectors. The growth of interest towards Georgia on the international tourism market is largely conditioned by the state's policy of tourism promotion. In this work are given analysis of the current situation in Georgia and a number of conclusions. According to the authors, the positive results were brought the use of marketing approaches and the work to demonstrate the advantages of tourism destinations of the country. In this case a big role played the use of world leading news channels that have a large audience in different countries of the world. Also, it is necessary to master marketing approaches to every enterprise and organization involved in the tourism and hospitality industry, because they make great contribution to the satisfaction of tourists.
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Marketing, Tourism industry, Tourism promotion, Tourist satisfaction, Service
Seturi Maia (2018). About the Importance of Tourism Promotion Policy (Georgian Case). Journal of International Economic Research (JIER), ISSN 2500-9656. Volume 4 (2018) No.1. Pages: 25-30. https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/7ebfb0_dafad1922fec4afeb730ebeee4487deb.pdf