Development trends of wine tourism in Kakheti region

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
Wine tourism is quite popular in Georgia, but the picture is differentiated according to individual regions. But traditionally the Kakheti region is the unconditional leader in this segment of the market. The paper highlights the challenges facing wine tourism, identifies the problems, and accordingly sets out the ways to solve them. Based on the analysis of the results of the conducted research with statistical methods, the main trends of the development of wine tourism in the Kakheti region have been identified, the sought-after and attractive locations have been determined, the geographic structure of visitors has been studied, the cost structure has been analyzed, etc. Conclusions and recommendations based on a selective survey of wine tourism consumers and owners of wine companies and wineries will ultimately ensure the promotion of wine tourism both in the country and abroad, resulting in increased tourist flows. As research has shown, wine tourism in Kakheti is attractive to both international and domestic visitors; 54% (169) of wine companies and wineries operating on the tourist market in the country are located in Kakheti; International visitors to Kakheti mainly come from Russia, Germany, Poland and Baltic countries; The interest of international tourists is mostly limited to visiting museum complexes, tasting Georgian wine and visiting wineries; The average length of stay of international tourists in the country is increasing. However, as our research has shown, when visiting Kakheti with wine tourism, one-day tours predominate, and therefore the average length of stay in Kakheti is small; International visitors spend more when visiting Kakheti than Georgian residents during domestic tourism; The average amount of expenses incurred by domestic visitors is 100 GEL, while international visitors - 160 GEL; Telavi, Sagarejo, Gurjaani and Kvareli municipalities are the most sought after locations; The most visited and attractive for both international and local visitors are Telavi wine cellar, Khareba Winery of Kvareli, Kindzmarauli Winery of Kvareli, Tsinandli Manor, Inatre of Gurjaani, etc. Sh. According to the respondents, one of the main indicators of increasing the promotion of wine tourism in Kakheti is increasing the awareness of the population; It is important to calculate full-fledged, detailed statistical indicators corresponding to the growth of tourist flows. Because the main indicators of wine tourism statistics can be considered as the main catalyst for the rise of wine tourism in Kakheti.
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