“The Apocalypse of Paul” and Eschatological Drama: East and West

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Georgian National Academy of Sciences / საქართველოს მეცნიერებათა ეროვნული აკადემია
The date of translation of the "Apocalypse of Paul" in Georgian is uncertain, but in the Index of Euthymius Athonite (11th c.) among the eleven apocryphal books is already mentioned “Paul’s Vision of the Heaven”. The oldest of the Georgian manuscript containing this Apocalypse is dated to the 15th-16th centuries (Kut. 128). There are 8 mss. witnessing the Georgian text of the ApP. They belong to the similar and nearly identical recension, which is completely different among the various presently known of the ApP. Despite the eschatological ideas and many versions of the Apocalypse in Georgia as well as in the Eastern Christian tradition the apocrypha couldn’t widely spread. “The Vision of Paul the Apostle” haven’t shared the popularity of another apocrypha "Apocalypse of the Virgin”. This one had the same role in Eastern Christianity as the Apocalypse of Paul” in the West. Apparently, this is mostly caused by the mental attitudes, rather thandogmatic distinctions between the East and the West.
http://science-almanac.ru/documents/45/2015-03-09-Theses.pdf https://www.researchgate.net/publication/324573963_Rusudan_Labadze_The_Apocalypse_of_Paul_and_Eschatological_Drama_East_and_West_Abstract_of_the_conference_paper_in_English https://www.academia.edu/36417425/Rusudan_Labadze_The_Apocalypse_of_Paul_and_Eschatological_Drama_East_and_West
International Kartvelological Congress – Problems and Prospects of Kartvelology, Abstracts, Tbilisi, Georgian National Academy of Sciences, 2015, pp. 76-77