Relevance of time management in the modern world

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Press
Nowadays, modern processes have clearly shown us ho much we need to keep pace with the passage of time. In the conditions of the fast pace of life, it is important that decisions within the organization and in personal life are made on time, therefore it is necessary that people pay special attention to the issues of time management, analyze what problems exist and try to solve these problems. The covid pandemic has made it even more clear how precious the time we have is. Its correct use, accurate sorting and distribution of priorities make people’s lives easier and helps to achieve the set goal. Accordingly, it can be said that neglecting time management is disastrous for both individuals and organizations. The article deals with the relevance of time management, related difficulties and ways to solve them. Also, the article discusses the effective ways of managing time proposed by various scientists and makes recommendations that can be used more effectively
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Conference Proceedings: "The World Economy in the Post-Pandemic Period: Implications and Challenges", Tbilisi, 2023, pp. 59-64