Role of immigration in the formation of Georgian population

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Mahmut DEMİR
Immigration played a great role in formation of population of Georgia. We are able to establish tendencies of this process from the beginning of XIX century. By that period, the country had been ruined and bled professedly by permanent invasions for centuries. Most of territories were unpopulated or under-populated that made suitable conditions for settlers from other countries. By 1800, P. Gugushvili estimated Georgian population with 675.0 thousand inhabitants. In discussed period – 1800-2015, in formation of population of Georgia immigration was acting as in direction of increasing and reducing the population. In particular: in 1800-1897 rise in migration of Georgia is positive and it was 544,0 thousand people; in 1897-1939 rise in migration of Georgia is positive and it was 314,2 thousand people; in 1939-1950 rise in migration was zero; in 1950-1990 migration reduction was 391,1 thousand; in 1990-2015- reduction was 1839,3 thousand people. Totally, migration balance of population of Georgia in 1800-2015 shows reduction of population, 1378,2 thousand people that comes to historical period after 1950-ies.
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Immigration policy, Formation of population of Georgia, Demographic expansion, Immigration increase, Natural growth
International Journal of Social Sciences and Education Research, 2015, pp. 293-297