The relations between humans and nature: the problem of developing of tourism in the North Caucasus

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Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state university, Faculty of social and political sciences
The relations between humans and nature are an important problem today, which the mankind faces. It is emphasized in the beginning of the XXI century and demands the urgent decision. It is supposed that the solution of the problem is based on the 3 methodological statements. First, we need the scientific inclusion, dealing with the problem of humans and nature. Second, it is important to use nonlinear thinking and the new ways of progressive postnonclassic paradigm for understanding the functioning of difficult opened system of «humans-nature». Third, the solution of the problem should take the localized approach. It is important to say that «the principle of regional ecumene» and the national ecology, opening the opportunity of positive effect on the developing and noospherical humans compilation, must be accustomed to the spiritual and moral values of contemporary times, defining the human relevance to the nature. The significance of this statement is resulted from the necessity of constructing the regional steady development model. Our aim is to detect the specifics of the relations between humans and nature from the perspective of the North Caucasian sociocultural space, which is a labour- intensive and nonlinear system. North Caucasus is considered not only during to the area and geographical features. It also matches the sociocultural taxonomy. Though there is polysemy, typical for the concept of «region», it is important to highlight the traits of the North Caucasus region. It can be considered as a homogeneous space with the cultural, physiographic communion and historical fate, which makes the unique regional specifics. The North Caucasian region is seen as the labour-intensive, historically formed social, ethnocultural, economical, geopolitical system. The origin of the North Caucasian nation (and the Caucasus in general) has got its own cultural model of existence – the attitudinal picture, which conditions the relations between humans and nature in general. Not only ecology, but also tourism can be referred to the problems of relations between the mankind and nature. The North Caucasus is famous for its mountain ranges, clear water and air. It is the place which must be visited by every tourist. That is why all the regions pay attention to the development of tourism as the important economic direction. Along with the well-known places like Elbrus, Cheget and Dombay (Kabardin- Balkar Republic and Karachai-Cherkes Republic) now there are new directions for the excursions: Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and so on. Economic and political aspects effected that. In the North Caucasus region there is the orientation on the tourism, which can become the competitive industry of the international travel system with its proper implementation. The whole Caucasus can take a leading position in international tourism in general in case of its political commitment.
Nature, man, ecology, peoples of the Caucasus, tourism