The impact of the coronavirus on the economy and religion (კორონავირუსის გავლენა ეკონომიკაზე და რელიგიაზე)

The study deals with the origin of the coronavirus, its artificial creation, its impact on the economy, religion, and the Orthodox faith. The current status of the world economy, including the under-developed, developing and developed countries, the decisions of the Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia, His Holiness, Metropolitan of Tskhum Abkhazia, Ilia II, the conclusions and recommendations of the World Health Organization, the economic impact of the coronavirus on the reduction of economic growth.
1. პაპავა ვ., 2020, კორონომიკა და თვისებრივად ახალი ეკონომიკური კრიზისი, ეკონომიკა და ბიზნესი, ტ. XII, გვ. 13-16. 2. მოძღვრების ქადაგებები.
Coronavirus, Economy, Religion, Orthodox Faith, Georgian Catholicos, Patriarch, Economic Loss, Economic Growth
V International Scientific Conference: "Challenges of Globalization in Economics and Business", Tbilisi, 2020, pp. 369-373