The role of Mountain Jews in the development of jewelry art of Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan is a country with the rich cultural and spiritual heritage and traditions of tolerance. Azerbaijan, located at the crossroads of various civilizations for many centuries has become famous as a country where the atmosphere of national cultural diversity was formed. We know that even nowadays people live in hardly which belong to the same language, religion, ethnicity and culture. But today, more than 30 ethnic groups and national minorities, including Azerbaijan Turks are living in the territory of Azerbaijan. Some of these ethnic groups live here from ancient periods. In the same time ethnic map of Azerbaijan had been changed by the coming of foreigners from all over the world. The population of Azerbaijan, including Baku, increased as a result of the development of the oil industry in the 19th century. In this regard, it paved the way for the increase in different kinds of art in Azerbaijan cities. One of the types of art was jewellery. There were members of Mountain Jews among the jewellers of Azerbaijan. In the following period, they became famous not only in Azerbaijan but also in all South Caucasus. Mountain Jews from their settlement in Azerbaijan territory began to actively take part in the socio-political life of Azerbaijan. That is why, in this article we tried to look through the works of jewelry masters of the Mountain Jews. And at the end we can say that there have been no ethnic and religious conflict between Azerbaijanis and Jewish people from ancient periods till today. They also consider themselves as a part of Azerbaijan. The Mountain Jews in Azerbaijan do not have any problems in maintaining their national and religious traditions and ethnicity in general.
Mountain Jews, jewelry, Red Sloboda, ethnics, cultural diversity
III International Symposium for Young Scholars in the Humanities (Symposium proceedings)