About the issue of private property relations and the genesis of entrepreneurship (კერძოსაკუთრებრივი ურთიერთობებისა და მეწარმეობის გენეზისის საკითხისათვის)

dc.contributor.authorBasaria (ბასარია), Vladimer (ვლადიმერ)
dc.description• Basaria V., Basaria R. (2017). „ekonomikis printsipebi“. sakartvelos akademiuri gamomtsemloba. [“Principles of Economics”. Georgian Academic Publishing House, Tbilisi pp.362).] In Georgian. • ekonomikuri leksikoni (2011). propesor a. silagadzis redaktorobit. tsu-is gamomtsemloba, tbilisi. [Economic Dictionary. (2011). Under the leadership of Prof. A. Silagadze. TSU Publishing House, Tbilisi.] In Georgian. • tsagolovi g. (2016). „meshvide pormatsia“. interviu „ekonomika da biznesi“ N1, [Tsagolov G. (2016). “The Seventh Formation.” Interview. “Economy and Business” N1.pp.151-158.] In Georgian. • Biznes. Tolkovyy slovar. (1998) Angl. - russk. - M .: INFRA. [Business. Explanatory dictionary. English - Russian - M .: INFRA pp. 760.] In Russian. • Macconnell, Campbell R., Bru, Stanley L. (1992). Economics - Principles, Problems and Politics in 2 vol. V II. – “Republic” pp.400. • Macmillan (1997). Glossariy sovremennykh ekonomicheskikh teoriy. [Dictionary Modern Economic Theory. - M .: INFRA – M, pp.608.] In Russian. • Tabakov S. (1997). Evolyutsiya otnosheniy sobstvennosti. «Ekonomist» №2. [ Evolution of Property Relations. M. “The Economist” N2.] In Russian.en_US
dc.description.abstractAn important role in ensuring the well-being of the population is how the society has mastered the defining (basic) reasons for its economic activities - its own relations and the motivation of the activities caused by them - and how it uses them to achieve the desired result. The coexistence and ratio of two forms of property, private property and public property, has historically always conditioned the essence of the socio-economic order, the result of economic activity. At the same time, private property, the substance that determines motivation, has always been dominant. Therefore, understanding the motivation of private owners, the correct theoretical assessment of the pros and cons of this motivation and the impact on the well-being of their society and its practical application should become one of the main means of developing highyield production in our country. In our reality, the solution to this problem is complicated by the fact that private property was restored in the country not through the acquisition of wealth, but through the privatization of public property by individuals using various illegal, criminal methods of ownership of the entire population. Added to this was the seizure of wealth by private owners by the criminal “elite” imprisoned in state structures in 2002-2012. It is clear that such a nature of the process would not have contributed to the stimulation of the motivation of private property relations, weakening its downside. This indicates that the Georgian government must grasp the importance and severity of the problem, consistently and simultaneously pursue a comprehensive policy of maximizing the pros and cons of the relationship between private owners.en_US
dc.identifier.citationEconomics and Business, №3, 2020, pp. 49-66en_US
dc.publisherIvane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Pressen_US
dc.subjectPrivate property relations, entrepreneurship, business, motivation, welfare, rivalry, socially oriented economic systemen_US
dc.titleAbout the issue of private property relations and the genesis of entrepreneurship (კერძოსაკუთრებრივი ურთიერთობებისა და მეწარმეობის გენეზისის საკითხისათვის)en_US
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